Facebook’s Real Audience

Photo: Eliza Kern, GigaOMYou mean you missed it? Yesterday the world’s biggest social network held a news conference — its third in four months. The reaction from a sampling of tech prognosticators was mixed. Dave Winer:I can’t believe the idiots at the FB press conf applauded the fact that the cheezy HTC phone comes in four…… Continue reading Facebook’s Real Audience

Facebook’s Presser

Tech Blogs 100% Confident They Don’t Know What Facebook Will Announce Tomorrow But let’s all report on it anyway! rww.to/Y5NfFy— ReadWrite (@RWW) January 14, 2013Most journalists these days do not have the luxury to leave their workspaces to physically attend a news conference. This is especially true when the announcement itself is completely cloaked in…… Continue reading Facebook’s Presser

Next Question…Please!

Some believe that the process of preparing newsmakers for interviews, i.e., media training, is evil. I’m not one of them. After all, why avail oneself for an interview without a POV and an action plan to bring it to life? And who said that those behind the camera should be the only ones to have…… Continue reading Next Question…Please!

Tommy, Can You Hear Me?

To promote the opening of The Who’s “Tommy,” my first boss convinced entertainment impresario Robert Stigwood to hold the film’s premiere party in New York’s 57th Street subway station. The connection between the NYC subway and the movie (or its vinyl origin) always escaped me — except tied to the lyric: “Tommy, can you hear…… Continue reading Tommy, Can You Hear Me?

Razr’s Halo Effect

Scanning through the business pages of today’s New York Times, two items struck me as noteworthy. The first had Motorola chief Ed Zander, fresh from his victory fending off interloper Carl Icahn, doing his best imitation of media impresario Steve Jobs at a splashy, multi-media New York City news conference to showcase his company’s latest…… Continue reading Razr’s Halo Effect