Verizon’s Real Brand Ambassadors

Photo: A shared goal of every marketer toiling in the social spheres is to identify and amplify the voices of their brands’ most passionate advocates. The process of finding, anointing and catalyzing online brand ambassadors has evolved over the years after a rocky start. In the pre-Twitter and Facebook era, one cruise line “listened…… Continue reading Verizon’s Real Brand Ambassadors

Battle of the Mobile Spokespersons

Unfortunately, I won’t be attending the much-hyped presser in NYC today where Apple chief Steve Jobs will presumably be joined by Verizon Wireless president Lowell McAdam (and maybe Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg) in an effort to finally put to bed the interminable rumors of an iPhone for VZW. After all, how much conjecture can one…… Continue reading Battle of the Mobile Spokespersons