Faux Photos


I know I sound a bit anachronistic, but today’s story in the New York Post about the new breed of “paparazzi” out east (i.e., the Hamptons) speaks volumes about the sad state of celebrity in which we live.

These aren’t the kind of stalking paparazzi Ron Galella first made famous with Jackie O., or the present day versions who give the Lindsay Lohans of the world a run for their money. Rather, these are a new breed of FAUX-paparazzi who have no US, People or Star Magazine from which to earn a respectable wage acting disrespectful. Their source of income: the owners of the clubs-of-the-moment. Their photo subjects: nobodies wishing to be somebodies!

“There are grades of vanity, there are only grades of ability in concealing it.”
–Wm. Shakespeare, Richard II