Friday’s Video Views

Water Water Everywhere, but…

April 22: Earth Day. This video comes from my friends (and that rugby-playing Aussie) over at Charity: Water. Cool to see @APlusk tweet a link to it too!

Google Gets Its Group On

And if your inbox is not sufficiently stuffed with coupon come-ons from the likes of Groupon, Living Social, Gilt Group and a plethora of newspaper sites, this week our friends at Google get into the game with Google Offers – for NYC and Bay area residents. If you can’t buy ’em, try to beat ’em. Here’s the first TV spot (via adweek)

Google Doodle

And while we’re talking Google, the giant search/ad/coupon/location/mobile O/S monopoly took to its home page to celebrate Charlie Chaplin’s (122nd) birthday. No static Google Doodle here, but rather a film shortie. (HT @guykawasaki)

In the Plex

Kara grabs veteran tech scribe Steven Levy over at the Googleplex to chat him up about his new book In the Plex, which is about, what else. (via AllThingsD)

Facebook’s Future?

The folks at the Future of Facebook Project have embarked on an ambitious journey to capture on video the essence of the world’s dominant social network. Here’s the teaser trailer.

Where College Humor Gets Its Mojo

Twitter, Facebook, news sites, Google… What are the drivers of traffic to the College Humor site? Social Times probes College Humor’s Ricky Van Veen. (via Social Times)

So Who Should Buy Whom?

No doubt about it. The New York tech scene is hot hot hot. Here’s a real imagined conversation between NY tech influencers Rex Sorgatz and the Observer’s Adrianne Jeffries via xtranormal)

Apple Prank Call

Not much of a fan of British humor (excluding Monty Python, Ricky Gervais, Mrs. Bucket, Mr. bean…), but you gotta love this exchange.