Friday’s Video Views

Here’s this week’s edition of Friday’s Video Views, entertaining and sometimes edifying video clips from around the Web:

“An Inconvenient PR Truth” – If Al Gore turned his sights on the pollutive effects of PR Spam, this is what might emerge (albeit with a British accent). Of course, violators can always test drive MatchPoint, (a spam-killing app that this PR vet helped develop).

An Inconvenient PR Truth from RealWire on Vimeo.

The New Dork – Entrepreneur State of Mind – Sounds like New York, and frankly the tech scene here could easily qualify for the setting, but this is an all west coast affair.

Long-Form Journalism Is Not “Entirely Dead” and e-Readers May Give Rise to Entirely New Forms, The Economist’s Daniel Franklin (via Beet.TV)

Jon Stewart plays Chatroulette and encounters some familiar faces. Let’s hope he (and the other pervs on this channel) will soon find themselves geo-tagged.

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