Some PR Wizardry


Public relations is a subtle discipline whose effects can usually be felt over time. Those who expect PR to solely drive business results will invariably be disappointed, especially in an increasingly fragmented editorial environment. PR is just one of the many tools in the marketing tool box.

There are, however, countless examples where PR can play the starring role in the business success of a marketing endeavor. The most recent involves the sixth book in the Harry Potter series, which just set an all-time sales record. Clever advertising? Effective direct mail? Compelling book jacket graphics at POP? Marketing tie-ins? No way. It was the meticulously orchestrated media relations campaign, in which the author played a starring role, that drove the droves! Google News lists 2169 stories on the record-breaking sales story alone. Even the unintended/intended advance sales of the book before the bewitching hour popped big time.

Look for Scholastic’s good showing at next year’s PR Week, PRSA Silver Anvil and Paul Holmes’s Sabre awards.