Your Weekend Viewing

I had a chance to attend the Wok+Wine (pop-up) gathering in New York this week. It was co-sponsored by the well-nourished folks at Foodspotting. These periodic gatherings never fail to attract an eclectic and engaging mix of urbane professionals who gather around a long table to drink fine wine and rip the heads off spicy jumbo shrimp. As I was decapitating one succulent and saucy crustacean, I struck up a conversation with Dave Riess who told me about his company’s new Chrome extension that takes search to a more granular and beneficial level. Here’s the demo clip of, which TNW wrote about this week.

SM @Reuters brings us a clip featuring Reuters social media editor Anthony DeRosa waxing on his daily doings.


The Taiwanization of the Hoyas

From the sports desk, news arrived this week from Beijing where the “Goodwill” basketball game between the Georgetown Hoyas and the Chinese National Team evolved into something much different than a show of good will. I’m sure the (in)famous digital video team in Taiwan took special political glee in cranking this one out. (via TBD)


Pillow Fight

On the National Mall, no less. (Geesh, get a life, peeps!)


15-Year-Old Music Mogul Here’s how Jamal, a 15-year-old Brit, used digital and social media to garner a name for his SBTV music site (and a pop on the Google Chrome Browser blog)


Astonish Me

As the Tea party-infused GOP seeks to dismantle the EPA in this country, here’s a sleekly produced clip from the UK branch of the World Wildlife Fund that should give pause to anyone questioning the vital importance of what we have and what we need to protect.