Bad Boys


The news cycle is 24/7. It’s been this way for quite some time. The explosion of cable channels, websites, niche magazines, and a (still) thriving print and online newspaper business have combined to shorten the news cycle (not to mention the attention spans of news consumers). We’re cognizant of the initial headlines, but rarely learn about a story’s resolution.

Case in point: the Wall Street Journal yesterday reported on how the NBA (and others sports leagues) have publicly touted their levying of fines on misbehaving NBA stars, only to have the bad boys eventually (and quietly) be let off the hook.

I can think of countless other stories whose quick disappearance from the news radar hold much greater consequences for our society. Take for example the infamous Downing Street memo. News of it popped, then disappeared, and has now re-appeared in the mainstream media.

How did this happen? I believe the citizen journalist movement (i.e., 10 million+ blogs and counting) breathed new life into this story. Hence, we, as PR practitioners, must pay heed to the enduring powers of the blogosphere as we formulate our (formerly) top-down media strategies.