Elyse Porterfield: HOPA

Dry Erase GirlPR peeps, it’s really not about social channels, is it? After all, anyone can set up a Facebook fan page and Twitter feed or upload a piece of video on YouTube. It’s really all about a good yarn, i.e., one whose narrative resonates.As our industry struggles to compete with other marketing disciplines for…… Continue reading Elyse Porterfield: HOPA

Dem Past Mistakes

To engage or not to engage…that is the question. For as long as I can remember, good crisis managers stressed avoiding knee-jerk reactions to unpleasant characterizations in the media of your company or person.Crisis pros advised: “Why draw attention to something that will disappear with the next news cycle?” “You’ll only make matters worse.” “Time…… Continue reading Dem Past Mistakes

Celebrity Stokke Stalked

In an age when the lure of celebrity is like a drug — and for some, literally — it was refreshing to read about one talented young athlete who declared enough is enough. Allison Stokke, a record-holding pole vaulter from Newport Beach, Calif., became famous through no fault of her own. She now wants out…… Continue reading Celebrity Stokke Stalked