Girls Gone Wal-Mart

So Joe Francis is out of jail. Here’s a guy who had the genius idea to turn his video cameras on sloppy drunk female Spring Breakers, or at last those willing to publicly expose themselves. He made millions, but paid the statutory price with jail time.Today we learn that another video production company seeks to…… Continue reading Girls Gone Wal-Mart

In the Bunker

I guess our friends in Bentonville missed out again this year on making the list of 100 best places to work. No wonder, if you consider this morning’s front page New York Times piece on the giant retailer’s “bare-knuckled” tactics to ferret out any ethical transgression within the ranks of its sprawling global operation.Still some…… Continue reading In the Bunker

Tap Tap Tap

Dear Leslie,No one said it would be easy. Lucrative? Yes. High profile? For sure. Exciting? Well…it is Bentonville, after all.But changing an intransigent corporate culture is damned hard work. A dose of social media certainly didn’t do it. Quite the opposite.The last thing you needed today is an HP-like scandal followed by inadequate answers that…… Continue reading Tap Tap Tap