Friday’s Video Views

The Mother of All iPad 2 Reviews…Not

With speculation and counter-speculation running rampant in advance of the now-confirmed Apple presser on March 2 to intro the iPad 2, The Next Web treats us to an early review of the best-selling product line…sort of. Apple watchers apparently liked this video judging from its 1.2MM+ views so far.

The Taste and Feel of Media’s Future

IN a follow-up to my post earlier this week, here’s is Chris Brogan’s video take on media future. The digital pundit also added his comments on that earlier post.

Curating Twitter w/

I often see my tweets pop in daily online journals using the automated platform. Here’s a tutorial on just how that happens via Donna Papacosta of Trafalgar Communications of Toronto. (Psst. This blog is manually assembled.)

Jimmy Fallon Mobilizes

Big news this week in NYC, as twopogated by New York’s new digital doyenne Rachel Sterne: the city will be adding QR codes to all sorts of New York venues, ostensibly to let tourists be a little less lost. Zach Seward picked up on the news in the Journal’s Metropolis section. Since I work with a pioneer in the “print-to-mobile” space, I was glad to see the use of the “mobile action codes,” as we call them, gain more traction. (Remember QR codes are just one of a number of these codes, albeit one that is quickly becoming the de facto name for the category). Anyway, Jimmy Falon now has the distinction as the first talk show host to deploy a QR Code on the air. Here’s a clip via

AP Shooters Prefer

I remember the days running film rolls over to the AP photo department (at 50 Rock) following a news event, and waiting around to see if the picture editor would choose any images to move. If so, we were tasked with crafting a caption, and, if we were really behaved, the picture editor would print out a tear sheet of the image with the AP dateline and our caption for us to leave with. Now, of course, everything is handled wirelessly. What hasn’t changed is the quality and price of the cameras with which the AP arms its photographers. It seems those top-of-the-line 35mm SLRs of yesteryear cost the same as some of the best DSLRs today. Here’s a look at one digital SLR that’s become the camera of choice for AP shooters, but not just for stills. Beet.TV talks with the AP Broadcast’s Kevin Roach.

Press Release Fluff?

As if PR types didn’t endure enough negative scrutiny, along comes an app from the UK that can decipher whether news is fluff or not. The Guardian reports: “A new website promises to shine a spotlight on “churnalism” by exposing the extent to which news articles have been directly copied from press releases.” Churnalism was developed by an org called Media Standards Trust. Paste your questionable PR text here. Martin Moore explains.