Friday’s Video Views


For those who’ve attended a reasonable share of start-up showcase events — from the left coast’s (soon to be east coast) TechCrunch Disrupt and its nemesis Launch, to the city’s NY Tech Meet-up and Ultra Light Startups – you’ve no doubt witnesses a rash of aspiring companies in the urban transport space. In fact, there’s a conference skedded here called Transportation Camp focused solely on this burgeoning area. One app that recently crossed my desktop allows anyone — without wheels — to quickly determine the travel time within a metro-enabled city, in this case, San Francisco.

Mapnificent from Stefan Wehrmeyer on Vimeo.

A Touch of Reality

As if Cisco’s Telepresence wasn’t adequate, some smarty Dutchmen at the University of Groningen have taken it to the next level with their “Reality Touch Screen,” admittedly not as business practical as Telepresence.

He Definitely Diggs This

DIGG founder Kevin Rose tweeted his pleasure in seeing his creation mentioned in HP’s new national TV campaign.

4SQ & Virgin Mobile

Not to be outdone, Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley no doubt enjoyed seeing his creation mentioned in the Virgin Mobile TV spot. His tweet read: “Check out good ‘ol @foursquare getting some love in this @VirginMobileUS TV ad!”

Crowley’s Ubiquity

For the mobile-minded who didn’t make it to Bar-the-lona this week for the Mobile World Congress, Ad Age’s event maven David Teicher tweets our attention to AllThingsD’s mobile maven Ina Fried‘s check-in with the omnipresent Dennis Crowley.

That CNN Beast Kurtz & the AOL-HuffPost Hook-Up

Not unexpectedly, CNN and The Daily Beast’s resident media critic Howie Kurtz took to his reliable sources to get the inside skinny on the bofo deal. Frankly, I’d like to know his boss The Tina Beast’s take.

Mubarak Resigns Though Twitter’s Eyes

This is a network analysis of an hour’s worth of tweets emanating from Egypt, each one containing the hastags #jan25 and #egypt from hundreds of people who came together over an hour in the wake of Mubarak’s resignation. (via @ITSinsider)

Samsung Galaxy Buzz

HuffPost’s (new sister site Engadget) threw some love Samsung’s way for its Galaxy Tab netbook. Is iPad quaking? Doubtful, but the Tab is getting some high marks.

Worst Facebook Profile Pics Ever

(Need I say more?)