Friday’s Video Views

Intel’s Paper Chase, Digitally Rendered

I remember working with Intel in the nascent days of the Pentium chip. Our challenge was to convince consumers (i.e., prospective PC owners) that processing power mattered. My, have we come a long way as this video from Intel demonstrates. (via mashable)

Fox Digital Guy in Recline

Glad to see TheWrap producing original video. Here’s an impromptu clip with Pete Levinsohn who heads digital for Fox Filmed Entertainment. It was shot at CES this week.

CNBC’s Facebook Obsession

AllThingsD’s Kara Swisher posted three clips from CNBC’s “The Facebook Obsession.” Hey, didn’t she appear in the hour-long special? Here’s the first clip.

Comedy Central’s John [sic] Stewart’s Facebook Obsession

And CNBC is not the only cable network weighing in on Facebook this week. Jon Stewart took a not-so-kind shot at the “Anti-Social Network.” (via TechCrunch)

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Droid’s For Me!

With the battle heating up over which mobile O/S will prevail, I saw this video and decided that I will forego Verizon’s iPhone (even with the new Mac App Store) in favor of a Droid. Here’s why:

Golden Voice

Now only did this poignant video catch fire (1.5M views and counting), but it fueled a tug-of-war between NBC Today and CBS Early Show over which would be the first morning show to capture a reunion between the subject of the video, Ted Williams, and his 90-year-old mother. Williams may have had a happy ending, but the Columbus Dispatch, which captured the raw footage and fed it out via AP, ticked off a few folks by pulling the clip from YouTube.

Vintage Technology

Having just reactivated my turntable, I couldn’t resist making a late addition to today’s video views: