Kansas Ethnography

My friend Christine over at Business Wire sent me a link to a fun and thought-provoking video clip about the changed world in which we (or many of us) now live.

It was produced by Digital Ethnography, “a working group of Kansas State University students and faculty dedicated to exploring and extending the possibilities of digital ethnography.” Asst. Professor Michael Wesch took the lead. Social Media Club had this to say.

Ethnography, according to Wikipedia, is “the genre of writing that presents varying degrees of qualitative and quantitative descriptions of human social phenomena…”

I should warn you that the last time I posted a cool little video from a big university located in the nation’s bread basket, its provenance was not what it was purported to be.

“Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us” is for real and it’s worth a look…especially by those who ply their trade in the communications fields.