Kimora’s Kimona

“I believe every woman should aspire to glamour and fabulousity” was the quote, I think. Watching the nauseatingly materialistic airhead Kimora Lee Simmons wax poetic on ABC’s “20/20” about the unattainable “aspirations” of her Baby Phat clothing customers turned my stomach. It reminded me of the career-ruining “60 Minutes” profile of Leona Helmsely some years back. That interview, in which the soon-to-be crowned “Queen of Mean” talked about the “little people” who labored for her, ultimately led to Ms. Helmsley’s incarceration for tax evasion.

Ms. Simmons deserves no less. At a time when the divide between rich and poor, haves and have-nots is sadly widening, Ms. Simmons grotesque display of glitzy, tasteless, and grossly expensive possessions coupled with her enticement to the hip-hop generation to come and get them made Imelda Marcos look like Mother Teresa. (It was clear that this diva brushed aside her PR counsel’s recommendation for media training to prepare for this network news interview.)

The pugnacious “20/20” profile contrasted starkly with others on the program including the founder of COSTCO and co-founder of eBay, both of whom grew more animated when discussing the ways in which they “give back” to their employees and the less fortunate, respectively. Ms. Simmons seemed only animated by her bling bling lifestyle — built on her husband’s celebrity. He, by the way, appears to be a kinder, gentler and more philanthropic soul. How he ended up with his wife, I don’t know.