Blood Simple: A Photogenic Stanford Dropout

I have been a long-time fan and somewhat regular attendee of the New York Tech Meetups where month after month ten entrepreneurs take the stage to showcase their tech-driven startups before a most discerning audience of coders, students, VCs, journalists, entrepreneurs, etc. Mostly missing from the mix, however, are PR professionals who would be charged with…… Continue reading Blood Simple: A Photogenic Stanford Dropout

Is NYC’s Tech Scene Just Hype?

Hype or Not? Fortune’s Dan Primack recently set tongues-a-waggin by cutting down to size New York City’s normally ebullient tech community with a piece titled “Are we done yet with New York tech hype?” Dear New York: Are we done yet with your tech hype? — danprimack (@danprimack) October 2, 2014 The Boston-based Mr.…… Continue reading Is NYC’s Tech Scene Just Hype?

The NYC Techonomy Boom

A week doesn’t go by without some news org touting one city or another as the next Silicon Valley.  Here’s a random sampling: Singapore Aims to Become Southeast Asia’s Silicon Valley (Wall Street Journal, Feb 26, 2014) Some day Silicon Valley will move north. Here’s why it should settle in Oakland (GigaOm, Feb 17, 2014)…… Continue reading The NYC Techonomy Boom