The Decisive Dozen

Maybe I was brainwashed as outside PR counsel for the organization’s 150th anniversary, or simply smitten with the special World War II photo book it created to mark the opening of the national World War II Memorial, but it’s certainly worth noting that the “world’s largest and oldest news organization” today announced that it has realigned its national business desk around 12 beats.

Following are the dozen key AP national biz beat editors you may need to know (depending on the industry in which your clients reside):

  1. Joyce M. Rosenberg (financial markets)
  2. Patrick Rizzo (economy)
  3. Amy Finkelstein (retailing)
  4. Brian Bergstein (technology)
  5. Laura Impellizzeri (media, entertainment, leisure and lodging)
  6. Michael Lee (health care)
  7. Joseph Altman (autos)
  8. Greg Stec (airlines)
  9. Charles Sheehan (energy)
  10. David Brinkerhoff (manufacturing)
  11. Trevor Delaney (personal finance)
  12. Noelle Knox (real estate)

The savvy PR types also know that AP bureaus, and specifically their city desks, remain equally important for gaining editorial traction for your client. Happy pitching.