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Fame is a drug. Once attained, it’s hard to live without. In recent years, many of the famous are famous for simply being famous. Think Paris, Kardashian or Lindsay’s girlfriend.

But true talent applied over time, or even a single act of heroic humanity, has the capacity to drive and sustain fame for a lifetime. Think Tiger Woods, Meryl Streep or Sully Sullenberger.

What’s a fame-seeker to do when his or her talent-sustaining platforms are in short supply? The answer to that question surfaced yesterday on Twitter when one Sean John Combs (aka P. Diddy) conceived the idea to tweet his way through a “36-hour” session of tantric sex:

I gotta stop. I’m tired and sore!!!! Ill try again tomorrow Go back to work people
about 12 hours ago from TwitterBerry

For all those just tuning in. I’m 6 and half hrs in on a 36 hour tantric sex session. Welcome
about 15 hours ago from TwitterBerry

How do I send yall some picts. Lol Jk.
about 16 hours ago from TwitterBerry

6 hrs down 30 more hrs to go. Some cramping in rt leg but ill be ok!!!!! Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Lol
about 16 hours ago from TwitterBerry

Ohh yea. God bless everyone!!!!! This is gonna be the best day of your life!!!!
about 19 hours ago from TwitterBerry

After this I actually miss Diddy’s other profile-raising endeavors: his Hamptons White party and fund-raising jaunt through the NYC Marathon.

But unlike Michael Phelps, whose bong hit was never intended for global syndication, Diddy concocted and revels in his sudden return to buzzworthy notoriety. It was reminiscent of Paris and Britney’s scheme to discard a certain undergarment for their smarmy evening encounters with the paparazzi, i.e., headline-making low-life behavior.

My advice to you Diddy: either get back to the recording studio or find a way to channel your tantric Twitter antics to a worthwhile charity.

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