Will ‘n Dowd

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When these two redheads agree on something, watch out! Yesterday was one such day. Both George Will and Maureen Dowd, who usually proselytize from opposite ends of the political spectrum, shared a rare moment of ideological symmetry when they weighed in with two thumbs down on President Bush’s next choice for the Supreme Court.

Conspiracy theorists, of course, will opine that Mr. Will’s uncharacteristic objection is actually a White House ploy to neutralize Democratic opposition so that Ms. Miers sails through the hearings Trojan Horse style. I’m not so sure Karl Rove is that sagacious to orchestrate such a public relations feat.

Still, consider this: if Ms. Miers is successfully positioned in the court of public opinion as “not conservative enough,” then how can the Dems hope to mount a plausible campaign to block her nomination? It would be an effective, yet insidious strategy.