Cronkite, Jackson and Kennedy

I confess. My Twitter habit is not 24/7. I have a family, clients, sleep requirements, an appetite, and frankly, a social (versus social media) life that also sustain me. Anyway, my PowerTwitter platform isn’t as functional as Tweetdeck, so many tantalizing tweets have been known to pass me by.On Friday evening, I did find myself…… Continue reading Cronkite, Jackson and Kennedy

The Wiz

The Wall Street Journal’s ad reporter Suzanne Vranica today raised a relatively overlooked, but not unimportant dimension of Michael Jackson’s multi-dimensional life. In so doing, she brought back some good memories.My first brush with the child star happened by phone. It was shortly after “The Wiz” had shuttered on Broadway and just before the show’s…… Continue reading The Wiz

Much-Needed Humor

What a week. So much bad news. Between the 8.1% unemployment rate, the Dow and S&P at 12-year lows, my boys’ 529s, the prospect of a GM bankruptcy filing, Rhianna taking Chris Brown back (for now), and Michael Jackson’s re-emergence on the global stage, I can’t take it any more!Rather than rant on the sorry…… Continue reading Much-Needed Humor