Rosie Unleashed

Could it be? The powers-that-be at “The View” made Rosie O’Donnell’s co-hosts on “The View” wear earpieces on the day Ms. O’Donnell got her come-uppance?According to the Daily News’s dynamic duo of Rush & Molloy, this is exactly what the corpulent comedian claimed at Comix last night. The revelations emerged in a stand-up routine organized…… Continue reading Rosie Unleashed

Bald Rumble

Shaved heads and The Donald. Is there anything closer to Nirvana in today’s popular culture? Well, yes, there is. Add the taint of world wrestling to the mix, and you get the picture.News Flash from yesterday’s Detroit Free Press : wrestlers representing Donald Trump and WWE’s Vince McMahon will face off in a Detroit ring…… Continue reading Bald Rumble