Motor Blog

I’m always a little skeptical when I see a headline that touts the first of this or the first of that. Sure, no company expects to make news by debuting the second product or service in its space. Therefore, as PR advisors, we often are charged with probing our clients to uncover that “superlatively speaking” news hook that will grab some jornalist’s attention.

When I saw the headline this morning on a release from the UK, I scratched my head. It read: “The First Automotive PR Blog.” The operative word (excuse the pun) is “PR” since we all know that Jalopnik and others would bristle at the suggestion of another grabbing the premier mantle.

I soon was relieved to see the PR firm qualify its claim by saying, “London-based automotive communications agency, Automotive PR, has launched what it believes is the sector’s first PR agency blog.” The automotive sector’s first PR agency blog…hmmm.

Without quibbling over the veracity of the claim, I am impressed by the initiative in and of itself. Sure, most PR agencies have blogs and bloggers covering a range of issues. Some even focus on their functional areas of expertise, e.g., crisis, IR. But I haven’t seen very many that have created what is ostensibly a vertical industry blog that showcases the agency’s expertise and industry news via the same delivery vehicle (excuse the 2nd pun).

Kudos to Automotive PR. Hopefully you’ve got the drive and horsepower to fuel the effort.