Shameless Promotion

I try to keep tabs on what other PR bloggers are blogging about. One eminently readable stop along the way was on David Parmet’s “Marketing Begins at Home” blog. I met David in New York City almost a year ago at a steak and seafood dinner to which that Bay area transplanted Arizonan Jeremy Pepper invited me. It was the first time I met Bob Scoble, and I’m sure plenty of other boldfaced bloggers.

Anyway, I noticed that David had few qualms about blogging news of his own clients and public speaking engagements. At one point, this was a thorny issue on which many PR types weighed in, i.e., is it a conflict to wear both citizen journalist and PR promoter hats? I even took Rubel to task on this subject in a very early posting.

I suspect that the train has left the station and that blogging one’s clients is now perfectly acceptable (with full disclosure, of course). And, PR people, by their very nature, could never be prevented from preaching what they practice.

Henceforth, since everyone else is copacabana with this, I wanted to make sure that you’re aware of the Publicity Club of New York’s April 6 luncheon in New York City titled “Money & Finance 2.0” featuring top editors from AOL Money & Finance,, and Visit here for more information.

So there! As president of PCNY, it’s now out of my system.