SpamWire III: My mongoose…

I’ve been unfair. Market Wire isn’t the only paid wire service that aids and abets insidious spammers preying on the naivete of individual investors. Here’s the full text of an e-mail I received yesterday in which PR Newswire’s First Call is party to a seemingly bogus investment company. Again, is this legal, and what kind of standards are in place at these wire services to prevent such consumer abuse?

From: Chastity McDaniel
To: Chucky13
Re: My mongoose some attendant

Breakout Forecast Thursday March 30, 2006

!!!Ready to Run!!! BIG WINNER!!!

Symbol: GAPJ
Current Price: $1.10
Projection 5 to 7 days: $2.50
Projections 12 to 18 days: $3.75

PHOENIX, AZ – March 17 /PR Newswire-First Call/ Golden Apple Oil & Gas, Inc. (OTC Pink Sheets – News) wishes to advise that its geological consultant is currently ascertaining the potential seismic requirements of various third party oil and gas companies, with the view of planning a seismic program over the Company’s Cookshire property in Quebec, to coincide with other companies’ programs in or near the same region in Quebec, to reduce the cost to the Company of mobilization and demobilization of the seismic crews.

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Golden Apple applies advanced technologies to systematically explore and develop it’s [sic] oil and natural gas opportunities.

This is ready to ROCK!!
We could make another million dollars…and I want you to join us!

Estelle Jackson
Investment Advisor
IGI Group

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