Twittering Journalists

BusinessWeek’s John Byrne just posted the names and Twitter handles of 32 of his colleagues. Nice of him, though I wonder what his colleagues think?

While we’re at it, PR peeps, here are some other lists of journalists who use Twitter:

I know one day we’re going to look back at this post, and file it alongside the headline: “New Website Launches.” It’s just that Twitter’s use by reporters to crowdsource sources and file instant news dispatches, among other things, will be an afterthought before we know it.

Gladwellian connectors Brian Solis and Stowe Boyd hope to capitalize on the trend by channeling journalists’ informational needs via Twitter in a new venture they’re aptly calling MicroPR. It’s not unlike our friend Peter Shankman’s wildly successful HARO in which reporters crowd source PR people for expertise, albeit via email.

Many PR pros fear that journalists’ embrace of Twitter may make their long-held roles as expert resources obsolete. I would agree, but only for those practitioners who neglect to jump on the Twitter bandwagon. One last piece of advice: knowing journalists’ Twitter handles doesn’t give you the right to engage. Follow for a while, then determine whether you have anything of value to add.

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