Poof Goes the PR Push

The moment the Wall Street Journal News Alert crossed my desktop Friday night, I thought of Harry Potter’s final splash, and how the dastardly New York Times spoiled the book publisher’s marketing ploy, I mean plan.You see, The Journal upset the apple cart by purchasing Alan Greenspan’s new tome and running with a piece on…… Continue reading Poof Goes the PR Push

Vudu PR

The last time this blogger visited the subject of embargoed stories, it concerned the wallpapered coming-out party for a digital effects company called Contour (pictured). That company’s technology was the subject of gushing feature profiles in The Merc News, Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, among others — all on the same day.I…… Continue reading Vudu PR


Valleywag reports that the Wall Street Journal’s new managing editor Marcus Brauchli opposes the practice of PR-embargoed announcements.”…the younger generation of newspaper managers, Brauchli among them, are tired of these cosy [sic] arrangements; and tired of being scooped if news leaks out to the web before the embargo is lifted.”Hmmm. I wonder if Marcus will…… Continue reading Embargoed