Chipotle’s Foot-Long Faux Pas

Last Sunday, I retweeted Samantha Murphy of Mashable’s tweet with a link to her colleague Seth Fiegerman’s story “Has Chipotle’s Twitter Account Been Hacked?” Everything about this is strange. Has Chipotle’s Twitter Account Been Hacked? (via @sfiegerman):— Samantha Murphy (@HeySamantha) July 22, 2013 In the piece, Seth captured a series of nonsensical tweets from…… Continue reading Chipotle’s Foot-Long Faux Pas

What Ailes America

“The true opposition in Britain is the people that are pushed to the ground and beaten on London streets and slain and yet no one hears their voice.” — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. AhmadinejadThis is the incredulous quote from the terrorist-supporting despot who oppresses his own people and is the inspiration behind Syria’s current deadly…… Continue reading What Ailes America

Fateful and Fatal Interviews

Who said mainstream media doesn’t matter? The PR team at Rolling Stone is working overtime to publicize its latest celebrity scribe Michael Hastings, the writer that Gen. McChrystal took along for an ill-advised tour of duty, which may be the last tour for the loose-lipped former Special Ops chief. Even Hastings scratched his head at…… Continue reading Fateful and Fatal Interviews