New Media’s Movers & Shakers

Publicity Club of NY Panel on Contributed ContentLast week the Publicity Club of New York hosted a luncheon that featured a handful of editorial gatekeepers responsible for “contributed content” at their media organizations.Our panel included (l. to r.): Jessica Liebman, managing editor, Business Insider; Frank Wilkinson, Editorial Board member, Bloomberg View; Lance Gould, Executive Impact…… Continue reading New Media’s Movers & Shakers

What Ailes America

“The true opposition in Britain is the people that are pushed to the ground and beaten on London streets and slain and yet no one hears their voice.” — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. AhmadinejadThis is the incredulous quote from the terrorist-supporting despot who oppresses his own people and is the inspiration behind Syria’s current deadly…… Continue reading What Ailes America

Chris Anderson: Unplugged

Lots of fallout from Chris Anderson’s (anti) publicity ploy earlier this week. Some of the more notable reactions:– The Guardian “Is Wired’s Chris Anderson Right to Out Lazy PR Spammers?”– From Brian Solis: “Dear Chris Anderson, an Open Letter to Make Things Right…”– And one inimitable PR veteran’s private (now public) exhortation: “Who wants to…… Continue reading Chris Anderson: Unplugged