Chris Anderson: Unplugged

Lots of fallout from Chris Anderson’s (anti) publicity ploy earlier this week. Some of the more notable reactions:

The Guardian “Is Wired’s Chris Anderson Right to Out Lazy PR Spammers?”

— From Brian Solis: “Dear Chris Anderson, an Open Letter to Make Things Right…”

— And one inimitable PR veteran’s private (now public) exhortation:

“Who wants to write the retort about above-it-all, lazy, narrowminded reporters and editors who call at 5:30 pm “on deadline” demanding the CEO, treat facts as optional, know their ultimate story before they do the interview, and have lost touch with everything but their overinflated egos.

Homework assignment: that, and each of you not on Chris’s list needs to send him a completely irrelevant pitch. I’m personally going to see if he wants to cover five easy ways to bake scrmptious chocoate chip cookies for the holidays.”

— And my personal favorite, from Silicon Valley Insider titled “PR Shops in Flame War,” which captured snippets of the battle brewing between the firm that had more emails on Chris’s blacklist per capita than any other, and another that had none. (This blogger subtly flagged the offending firm in his original post on Tuesday.

Many more observations on this subject linked to in Brian Solis’s post.