Friday’s Video Views

Like + Follow = ?

This week, Twitter introduced its “follow” button, which is not dissimilar to Facebook’s “like” button, and a cousin to Google’s “+1” button. Geesh I’m confused. Here’s a look at Google +1. H/T HuffPost Tech

GMail Rapport

Since we’re talking Google, here’s a GMail plug-in called Rapportive whose upgrade in recent weeks set the digital cognoscenti’s tongues-a-waggin, mostly for its neat Twitter hosting function:

Our Choice by Al Gore

Here’s a TED talk introducing the first feature-length interactive book. And it happens to be the sequel to Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth. Via TED HT Guy Kawasaki

Bloomberg Digital Ramps Up

My pal Andy Plesser, who recently inked a strategic partnership with Digitas, grabbed some time with Bloomberg digital maven Kevin Krim. Krim talk to Beet.TV about the changes afoot at the world’s most robust business news organization.

Class, Don’t Forget Your Smart Phones

As the debate rages on over the societal effects of short form versus long form prose, here’s a teacher that uses Twitter with his mobile phone-enabled students to make a stronger learning connection. CNN reports:

Attn: All Cat-Loving Single Men!

And for you feline fanatics, this video is en route to viral nirvana. It features a most perplexing young woman’s first audition video (supposedly) for eHarmony. So glad to have celebrated my wedding anniversary this week.