Friday’s Video Views

Project Cascade

So what does my pal Michael Zimbalist and his digital cohorts really do over there in the New York Times‘s R&D labs? Here’s one cool data visualization project called Project Cascade that captures how New York Times stories are shared across the web. Two videos. (via Mashable, AdWeek., others:

Les Trends in Social Media

Given how quickly social media trends rise and fall, one would think this December 2010 interview with the prolific Brian Solis from Le Web (a Paris) would be outmoded by now. It isn’t, given that its subject posted it to his Posterous page this week.)

Brian Solis at LeWeb about Trends in Social Media 2011 from 99FACES on Vimeo.

Bossypants at the Googleplex

Tina Fey and Eric Schmidt, need I say more? (RT: 56 minutes)

Future Gazillionaires

Google co-founder talks to the troops on a TGIF circa 1999. I suppose the sudden surfacing of this video coincides with Larry Page’s re-ascendence as Google CEO, a position previously occupied by the man featured in the video above (who, btw, just received a $1.25M raise.) (Via AllThingsD)

iPad Pre-Visaged

While we’re taking a stroll down memory lane, let’s travel back another five years to 1994 when plans for the iPad first took shape — at Knight-Ridder’s Information Design Lab in Boulder, CO. Huh? (via Buzzfeed.)

Biz Card Engagement Strategy

Is your business card working for you? Does it inspire engagement? Should you place a QR code on your biz card? Brandon Prebynski caught up with Kevin Mullett (“with two t’s”) to learn about his business card strategy. Hey, Hashable wonders, why do you need a business card in the first place?

SETI Come Back?

Just as SETI shutters, Kara tweaks our fascination with the extraterrestrial by posting this moving movie trailer for Sundance winner “Another Earth.”

Jersey Shore Gone Wilde

Before you get all dewey eyed, take a look at this most inconvenient mashup of two iconic cultural offerings. (Via The Daily What).