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Unlike Lance Ulanoff, Mashable’s intrepid, yet soon-to-be missed chief correspondent, editor-at-large, and industry conference impresario, I tend to be more solicitous (and less ubiquitous) when it comes to the tech and media confabs I attend in any given year.

My past visits to South by Southwest offered a cornucopia of compelling content, but the multi-week extravaganza clearly became too much to consume, even with advance planning. I just returned from my third visit to the Web Summit – the first in Dublin, the last two in Lisbon. This year’s sold-out three-day event really shined, though meticulous scheduling is also required. I’m now even considering attending Web Summit’s smaller sibling conference, Collision, slated for April 29-May 3 in the Big Easy.

Business Insider’s Ignition: Future of Media is one gathering of media and tech’s movers & shakers that never ceases to disappoint. It also happens to coalesce right here in my hometown of NYC. BI founder Henry Blodget’s programming folks really have a knack for attracting an impressive range of industry C-suiters who never fail to deliver a promise to disrupt our world.

Client commitments limited my attendance this year to Day One, but I still emerged with many redeeming pearls of wisdom. Following are some of the more notable quotables I was able to transcribe to Twitter.

Selects from Henry’s annual rite of passage on 14 Things You’ll Want to Know About the Future of Media:

Then there was Snapchat’s VP of Content Nick Belluk using Ignition’s platform to unveil (not for the first time) the $SNAP’s new interface:

CNBC’s Julia Boorstin took to the stage alongside Verizon’s (soon-to-depart) EVP/President of Global Media Marni Walden:

Shortly thereafter, BI’s ad reporter Tanya Dua had some face time with GE’s CMO Linda Boff:

Henry took it upon himself to depose 21st Century Fox co-chairman Lachlan Murdoch and depose he did:

Henry then had a chance to spar with Facebook’s VP of Partnerships Dan Rose:

One of the more riveting and timely interviews came when BI U.S. editor-in-chief Alyson Shontell joined Megyn Kelly on stage:



CNBC’s Julia Boorstin returned to chat up GroupNineMedia’s Ben Lerer and one of its major investor Discovery CEO David Zaslav.

Finally, I stuck around to hear my old pal Richard Plepler opine on all things HBO, Game of Thrones, and a little AT&T/Time-Warner peppered in for good measure.

All in all, a most worthwhile endeavor. (And who knew Twitter was such a good note-taking platform?)

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