PR Jobs Galore

It was good seeing Council of PR Firms prexy Kathy Cripps at the PR Week Awards dinner last month. For the uninitiated, the Council is the trade association for the PR agency business.

As such, it tends to tend to the pedestrian needs of that still-flourishing piece of PR’dom. While not every agency belongs, those that do represent a sizable chunk of the industry’s billings.

The Council’s website contains some decent information on industry ethics and issues, advice for selecting an agency, and other tidbits, including, as of yesterday, a new jobs database for those contemplating a PR career or PR career change.

The Council is not alone in the PR job board game. PRSA has one, as does O’Dwyer’s, PR Week, Bulldog, PR News, Work in PR I’m partial to PCNY’s (via and (for the digitally inclined), and I’m sure I missed a bunch. Feel free to add links in the comments section.

A quick scan of the myriad job postings tells us something about the vitality of the industry: it’s booming! So with college graduations fast approaching, the entry-level crowd has few excuses for not finding a niche in the PR biz.