Publicity for Roach Motels

I enjoyed reading New York Times travel writer Joe Sharkey’s interview with CEO Stephen Kaufer in which Kaufer defends the integrity of the just-published, crowd-sourced “2010 Dirtiest Hotels” list.In the piece “A List No Hotel Wants to Be On,” Kaufer states the obvious: “…if you’re a hotel on that list, it is not a…… Continue reading Publicity for Roach Motels

HARO v. Profnet

A couple of years after ProfNet’s 1992 debut, founder Dan Forbush (below) decided to expand his service’s universe of users to the agency side of the PR spectrum. I remember talking to Dan at the time, and soon after, convincing my firm to subscribe to what grew into a veritable “killer ap” for the profession.ProfNet…… Continue reading HARO v. Profnet

Jules Bistro

Great turnout for Laurel last night at a very understated bar in the East Village called Jules Bistro. It was where she and Russ Baker apparently hatched the idea for Media Bistro, which Jupitermedia snapped up earlier this month for $20 million plus. (Headline: “Bistro Born in Bistro”)For those who don’t know Media Bistro, it’s…… Continue reading Jules Bistro