My Fine Feathered Friend

It was great to see the news of the sale of my buddy Laurel Touby’s to Jupiter for a cool $20 million+.This straight-shooting go-getter, usually seen in her trademarked pink feathered boa, worked round the clock to build the brand and a vibrant community well before the word community hit cliche status.While the business…… Continue reading My Fine Feathered Friend

Socially Optimized or Optimally Socialized?

Ahhhh. The news release. That poor, beleaguered PR tool that has died a thousand deaths, only to be reborn — optimally and socially speaking.This morning I was greeted with a text message from media maven Lisa Kovitz who tipped me to our friend and doyenne Laurel Touby’s answer to the myriad unsolicited (and misguided)…… Continue reading Socially Optimized or Optimally Socialized?