Content Marketing Is So Last Year

KIMOJI’S APP LAUNCHES TOMORROW!!! — Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) December 20, 2015 Many in my line of work will view the title of this post as heresy. Nonetheless, an admittedly unscientific look at who or what really moves the needle nowadays will likely reveal that those carefully crafted pieces of branded content contributed to…… Continue reading Content Marketing Is So Last Year

The Greenpeace Times

I’m not surprised that The Guardian is the news organization trumpeting Greenpeace’s move to create an “investigative journalism” unit within the NGO’s ranks. After all, wasn’t it The Guardian that anointed political activist Glenn Greenwald as an investigative reporter, only to see that erudite agent provocateur up and quit — once his employer published the Edward Snowden…… Continue reading The Greenpeace Times

A Decade of Content Marketing

I like telling stories, and on occasion even have something worthwhile to say given all the high profile assignments on which I’ve worked over the years. I rarely think about what motivates me to post online or which platform(s) my musings should reside. I blog mostly to help aspiring PR professionals ramp up faster and laypeople better understand what goes on…… Continue reading A Decade of Content Marketing

New Media & The PR Pro: A Look Ahead

I can’t decide whether these are the best of times or the worst of times for public relations professionals. Clearly, we’re thriving in a changed and changing world that, frankly, is not well suited to those accustomed to the status quo. On the one hand, companies still crave and handsomely compensate their agencies for stories…… Continue reading New Media & The PR Pro: A Look Ahead