Safe Landing

There are some unwritten, but useful rules for new business presentations. One favorite of mine is to avoid “piling on,” e.g., when every agency person in the room feels compelled to offer, in succession, his or her answer to the client-prospect’s question or concern. The net effect: little time for questions to the client from…… Continue reading Safe Landing

Bald Rumble

Shaved heads and The Donald. Is there anything closer to Nirvana in today’s popular culture? Well, yes, there is. Add the taint of world wrestling to the mix, and you get the picture.News Flash from yesterday’s Detroit Free Press : wrestlers representing Donald Trump and WWE’s Vince McMahon will face off in a Detroit ring…… Continue reading Bald Rumble


Not that we can expect the New York Post to give any Democratic candidate the benefit of the doubt, but Mr. Murdoch’s Manhattan mouthpiece has gone through extra pains to skewer one particular NY junior senator.Maybe it was that over-the-top “fashion” spread that first caught my eye during Fashion Week? The art department at the…… Continue reading Pay-Per-Pray?