Ford’s Social Media Black Belt

I first met Ford’s social media chief Scott Monty in 2008 at a blogger meet-up (or was it a Tweet-up?) at the PRSA International Conference in his hometown of Detroit. Oddly enough, he kind of already knew about me, or rather about an issue I was having with my Lincoln MKX. Basically, my car’s roof…… Continue reading Ford’s Social Media Black Belt

Apple Voice

If one were to guess which of the world’s most-watched corporations had the most command-and-control approach to its communications, invariably that Cupertino, CA company would rank right up there.Apple Inc.’s PR is legendary, less for its embrace of the new tools of the trade — and the transparency that comes with it — and more…… Continue reading Apple Voice

Why Ford’s Failing

There are many reasons why Ford has hit the skids, but one that holds resonance for me stems from a recent incident involving my fourth (and current) Lincoln. Why a Lincoln? I think it has to do with brand loyalty, and the fact that my former agency used to represent the automaker.My loyalty extends across…… Continue reading Why Ford’s Failing