Europe’s Biggest Tech Conference

For those who follow my social streams, you’ll know I spent the better part of last week in Lisbon attending the massive Web Summit. It was my 4th visit to the Dublin-born tech conference, and it continues to inspire. First and foremost, the 70,000 attendees of the sold-out event are treated to a feast of…… Continue reading Europe’s Biggest Tech Conference

In Search Of A Better Media Experience

The clients of each company include many of the most prestigious news brands in the media industry. One works with the likes of The New York Times, Bloomberg, Reuters, ABC News, and NewsCorp, while the second represents prestige publishers like Time Inc., CBSi, Hearst, NBC, Meredith, Vice, and Vox Media. Each, in its own way,…… Continue reading In Search Of A Better Media Experience

Newspapers Getting Their Game On

A few years back at SXSW, the ubiquity of QR codes earned that promising AR-like technology the conference crown, in spite of its obvious flaws. The previous year, it was the geo-locating, Mayor-making check-in app FourSquare that emerged as the clear winner, especially for night crawlers and humble braggers. Each had their proverbial 15 minutes…… Continue reading Newspapers Getting Their Game On

Startups Shine At Web Summit

As with any conference attended by 42,000 people, it’s virtually impossible to take in everything the organizers have served up. The Web Summit in Dublin this week was no exception. Only meticulous planning, a willingness to pivot and just plain serendipity will permit one to find fulfillment over the course of three, impossibly hectic days.…… Continue reading Startups Shine At Web Summit

The Home of Guinness Gets Geeky

Some 40,000 tech geeks descended upon Dublin this week to attend, speak at, report on, sell and/or demo their wares at one of the biggest and most condensed web events in a sea of such events globally. Now in its 5th year, the sold-out “Web Summit” is not without a fair share of intrigue, including…… Continue reading The Home of Guinness Gets Geeky

Threats Create Dilemma for SXSW Organizers

As I prepare to head off to Dublin this weekend to attend Web Summit, I’m reminded of another overwhelmingly large gathering of geeks (and those who wish to profit from them). I’m talking of course about South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive, which today finds itself in the proverbial PR pickle. Before I delve into SouthBy’s…… Continue reading Threats Create Dilemma for SXSW Organizers