The Tweeky Wheel Gets Oiled

I recently noticed Craig Newmark, yes that Craig, give a Tweet-out to @comcastcares (aka Frank Eliason) over some issue he was having with his cable service.I thought at the time how Craig, the mensch that he is, would have little problem soliciting Comcast’s attention. What consumer-facing company in its right mind today would dare to…… Continue reading The Tweeky Wheel Gets Oiled

Caught with My Head in the Cloud

Here’s how last Thursday started for me (via Twitter):PeterHimler Gmail is like so misbehaving right now!11:05 AM May 14th from Power TwitterPeterHimler I’m wondering today what’s worse: a cyber-terrorist attack or a Google tool fail?11:26 AM May 14th from Power Twitter This was the paralysis that I (and millions of others) felt when Google’s productivity…… Continue reading Caught with My Head in the Cloud

Coaxed to Fiber

So it’s official. My former colleague, the prolific Twitterer and digital pundit Max Kalehoff, has officially made the switch. Here’s the first public announcement (via Twitter): maxkalehoff It’s official. Cablevision is disconnected and now on Verizon FIOS fiberoptic Internet/TV/phone, $99/mnth (vs Cablevision $140 mediocrity) Matters little that Cablevision reportedly is winning the war to capture…… Continue reading Coaxed to Fiber

Monitoring the Car Conversation

Talking cars. My new car has a six-month trial subscription to Sirius. On long drives – like those visiting the boys at college – we usually scan the dial and almost invariably end up on NPR Now. Of all the shows on that most civilized network, I gotta say that it’s Tom and Ray whom…… Continue reading Monitoring the Car Conversation

Apple Gift-Givers: Beware

I love Apple products. Oh sure, the battery on the iPod has had its issues, and New York’s most ubiquitous cell phone carrier doesn’t appear even close to foregoing CDMA for GSM, and thus, iPhone compatibility — no matter how much soldering takes place.Maybe it was the love affair we had with our very first…… Continue reading Apple Gift-Givers: Beware