Newspapers’ Waning Clout in Scalia Battle

As our impossibly divided nation chooses sides in the battle over whether President Obama has the Constitutional right to nominate a replacement for Justice Scalia (hint: he does), more bad news keeps coming about the future sustainability of newspapers: Gannett’s revenue falls on continued declines in advertising sales and circulation — Wall Street…… Continue reading Newspapers’ Waning Clout in Scalia Battle

The Shifting Tides Of Media And Journalism

Founded in 2006, PBS MediaShift has been a must-read for anyone toiling in the media trenches. I had a chance to catch up with its founder/executive editor Mark Glaser during his visit this week to New York City where he presided over the second annual Collab/Space New York workshop sponsored by the Donald W. Reynolds…… Continue reading The Shifting Tides Of Media And Journalism

The 2015 PR Quiz (w/ answers)

How quickly things change in the PR business. In fact, how quickly things have changed in every business function — from marketing to sales to CRM to IT! Even with all this tumult, there remains one consistent imperative for managers: to attract and retain talent who’ve kept abreast of the changes in their respective professions.…… Continue reading The 2015 PR Quiz (w/ answers)

Russia Hacking The News

Anyone who follows the machinations of today’s news and social media ecosystems will no doubt recognize the danger to society when factually inaccurate stories catch fire and influence public opinion. We saw this following the Boston Marathon bombings and many other instances when legit, but impulsive journalists share unverified news with their social followers. The Online…… Continue reading Russia Hacking The News

New Media & The PR Pro: A Look Ahead

I can’t decide whether these are the best of times or the worst of times for public relations professionals. Clearly, we’re thriving in a changed and changing world that, frankly, is not well suited to those accustomed to the status quo. On the one hand, companies still crave and handsomely compensate their agencies for stories…… Continue reading New Media & The PR Pro: A Look Ahead

The Power of Storytelling: Plotting The Future of Media

A couple of years into my first job in the PR industry, my boss, a high-powered, high-strung entertainment PR icon asked if I would mind having lunch with a young woman friend of his who had recently been tapped to handle PR chores for the nascent Museum of Broadcasting on East 53rd Street in New York City.…… Continue reading The Power of Storytelling: Plotting The Future of Media

I Hate The Term Media

Facebook co-founder and publisher/editor-in-chief of The New Republic Chris Hughes proclaimed his distaste for the term “media” on the I Want Media-sponsored “Future of Media” panel held today in Cooper Square as part of Internet Week New York. Given the many flavors, formats and deliver mechanisms the “media” comes in nowadays, I don’t blame Mr.…… Continue reading I Hate The Term Media