The NYC Techonomy Boom

A week doesn’t go by without some news org touting one city or another as the next Silicon Valley.  Here’s a random sampling: Singapore Aims to Become Southeast Asia’s Silicon Valley (Wall Street Journal, Feb 26, 2014) Some day Silicon Valley will move north. Here’s why it should settle in Oakland (GigaOm, Feb 17, 2014)…… Continue reading The NYC Techonomy Boom

Where Digital Marketing Reigns Supreme

This week, I attended the Ad Age Digital Conference, which this year moved from its former home in the Metropolitan Pavilion to Pier 36 on South Street aka “Basketball City.” Judging from the packed auditorium, and number of exhibitors, I’d say the Ad Age team, including @aerocles, should be very satisfied with its work on…… Continue reading Where Digital Marketing Reigns Supreme

Drone On, Travel Marketers

In the immediate aftermath of the last major Mexican earthquake, our Mexico tourism client pleaded with us to help counter the U.S. media’s overly dramatic reports that the entire country was destroyed. In fact, the damage was isolated to just a few areas, and most of the big resort destinations remained relatively unscathed. Given broadcast…… Continue reading Drone On, Travel Marketers

Secret Cloak Whisper

I suppose it all started when Mark Zuckerberg’s generous buyout offer was rebuffed by SnapChat, that ephemeral mobile app that lets its users send their friends a short-lived glimpse of their text and images. Now all the rage seems to revolve around the return to anonymity, not unlike the early days of the Internet when people hid…… Continue reading Secret Cloak Whisper

Flack Flap

Apparently the name of this blog caused a little kerfuffle among a few members of the PR Counselor’s Academy.In a string of comments, one Beltway-based “counselor” took umbrage with the idea that PRSA would have the audacity to invite a PR pro who pens a blog with this particular name to moderate a PRSA panel…… Continue reading Flack Flap

What Wolfson Worry?

No. I won’t make an issue out of it. After all, how many variations have we seen on this blog’s namesake — Flackette, FlackLife, Canuck Flack, Jack Flack, etc.Maybe political strategist Howard Wolfson (pictured) is getting me back for taking him to task for the mismanagement of the Clinton campaign. Yes, I know he blamed…… Continue reading What Wolfson Worry?