On Entrepreneurs & Earned Media

Penenberg joins PandoDaily (Illustration by Hallie Bateman)Leave it to Jeff Domansky (aka @theprcoach) to draw this blogger’s attention to a rant by one of the more astute observers of today’s tech scene – Sarah Lacy (aka @sarahcuda).Writing for her thought-leading tech news site PandoDaily (which just hired Fast Company’s Adam Penenberg as its editor), Ms. Lacy rails…… Continue reading On Entrepreneurs & Earned Media

The Rise of Infographics

PCNY April 4 Luncheon: InfographicsAt the urging of my fellow Publicity Club of New York board member Lisa Kovitz of Edelman, last week we convened a panel on the explosion of infographics in news reporting.The senior news graphics decisionmakers from CNNMoney, Huffington Post, Mashable and The Associated Press walked nearly 100 New York-based PR executives…… Continue reading The Rise of Infographics

Media & Journalism

(Via Politico)A-list blogger and digital thought leader Chris Brogan took the long President’s Day weekend to pen a post titled “The Future of Media.”Being one of his nearly 175K followers on Twitter, I was drawn to the post based on a single tweet of his. (Don’t believe the notion that Twitter is killing the blogosphere.…… Continue reading Media & Journalism

Herb Schmertz & The Huffington Post

This blog periodically looks at the immeasurable contributions an impartial media make in a democratic society, i.e., trained journalists who ferret out and expose untruths and…spin. Maybe it was my PR work over the years for two news organizations, The Associated Press and The New York Times, that fortified my position.I’ll never forget standing alongside…… Continue reading Herb Schmertz & The Huffington Post

Friday’s Video Views

De-Friend-NationI’d hate to be the Facebook user that late night ascendant Jimmy Kimmel calls out in his monologue this week. But few can argue with his point. Right? Kimmel has started a movement he’s calling “National Unfriend Day.” (via mashable.) Henry & ChrisBusiness Insider’s legendary founder Henry Blodget sits down (for 40 minutes) to chat…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Future of Media

On Wednesday, I expect to learn the future of media. The day begins with Media Magazine’s Future of Media Forum or “It’s Not What it Used to Be.”At The Times Center in NYC, Wired’s Chris Anderson will take these and other media movers and shakers through their paces: Mark Cuban, Martha Stewart, NPR’s Vivien Schiller,…… Continue reading Future of Media

Blogging Buddies

As a politically progressive person, I often spend my free time perusing the gamut of like-minded blogs, thought-leading news sites and one especially dominant microblog. In so doing, I’ve gained a better understanding of how news and views gain currency in today’s changed media ecosystem. (In PR, this is probably a very good thing to…… Continue reading Blogging Buddies

Ethical “Media Conduits”

New York’s top PR man tackled the topic of ethics in PR in a Friday post on the Huff. Contrary to Ken Auletta’s gushing profile of the PR power broker in the New Yorker earlier this year, Ms. Huffington’s readers took a decidedly negative take on Howard Rubenstein’s “remedy” for what ails the industry: “Is…… Continue reading Ethical “Media Conduits”

Off the Political Menu

With a lot of huff and puff, the folks at the Huffington Post this week revealed the name of the Jay Rosen-inspired political journalism initiative that aims to give voice to a quasi-cohesive group of citizen reporters on the Presidential campaign trail (of which you can be part). From Arianna:”We’re calling it Off The Bus…… Continue reading Off the Political Menu